The mobile devices besides being an access point and communication among the services on your organization and your clients also represent a selling point that can go with the user in any time. That's why your organization should consider being present on apps or web pages customized for mobiles and gaining benefits from it.

Ohka has experience and success in the integration of owner systems such as Oracles, IBM, Novell or Home-Made apps with platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Our mobile app development service compels:

  • The integration of your systems with mobile platforms.
  • Transformation of your operation processes into apps.
  • Web pages development with responsive design and customized in order to deploy in desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Apps that take advantage of the information in your Business Intelligence Systems in the mobile devices to facilitate the decision making.
  • Creating a mobile selling point that functions online/offline mode that facilitates the operation of your sales strength from your organization.


Ohka integrates backbend systems and services with solutions and web platforms, this development service will allow you to take advantage your system information and presenting in wide web systems in which you could operate from automated form and guarantee the continuity of the operation.


  • Java EE.
  • Struts.
  • Spring.
  • Scala.
  • JavaScript.
  • Hibernate.
  • BEA Workshop/BEA Weblogic Server..
  • JBOSS.
  • WebSphere.
  • Oracle.
  • Ms Sql Server.
  • MySql.
  • Perl, ANSI C / C++.
  • C#.
  • Spring / Struts / Hibernate.
  • Microsoft .NET Platform.
  • Solaris / Unix.


In Ohka we have the consultancy implementation, installation, support and maintenance service of solutions and tools that actually exist in the market and that are oriented and design for covering up an specific need through a service.

Among the existing tools and solutions there are private and Open Source, Ohka has certified consultants and with high experience in both fields. In Ohka we will always make an analysis of the real needs in order to offer a personalized solution for your organization with our incurring on excessive costs.

Experiment a solution that could be customized according to your requirements according to the area of your organization: Education, Finances, Services, Sales, Industry, Research, Media, Insurance, Banking, Securing, Medicine, etc.

Tool Service Licensing cost
Moodle E-learning tool
OpenEMM Mailing list
JBOSS, Glassfish Apps server
Oracle BL Bussiness Intelligence X
OwnCloud Cloud Storage
Security, Operative System, Reactive Systems, Identity Management, RBAC Informatic Security
Perimetral Security OpenSource Tools Informatic Security
Oracle Weblogic Application Apps server X
LAMP Oracle open software (Linux, Database management system and scripting languages)
Redmine Project management tool
Roundcube Email server